Offers Innovative Online Substance Abuse Treatment in New York State


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Phone: 212-532-0303 Offers Innovative Online Substance Abuse Treatment in New York State

New York, NY (January 17, 2013) – The Internet has already revolutionized many industries, with other industries now beginning to fully adopt new telecommunications technologies. One such industry is addiction treatment. Conventional rehabilitation requires that a patient with a substance use disorder needs to attend sessions face-to-face. However, addiction specialists are now finding online treatment for substance use disorders to be an effective alternative.

One addiction treatment website that is getting a lot of attention recently is, a new company created to treat people with substance use disorders in New York State. Chat2Recovery, also known as C2R, takes the innovative approach of treating people for their substance abuse problems completely over the Internet through videoconferenced group and individual sessions. The management team, in the addiction treatment industry for over twenty years, has gained a substantial reputation for its high standards of care and successful recovery methods.

The C2R program generally lasts for six weeks, although it can be extended if the client feels that he or she needs to do more work. The program consists of twice weekly group therapy sessions conducted pseudonymously online, some individual sessions with a counselor, and emergency access to counseling staff.  Clients can choose whether they would prefer their individual sessions to be conducted on the phone, via video conferencing, or face-to-face.  The program also gives clients access to readings and written exercises designed to educate them about the recovery process.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Substance abuse counseling over the Internet may seem like an unusual idea, but it has been found to be incredibly effective. We find that the fact the entire program can be done anonymously really helps our clients. It gets people involved who might not otherwise be willing to go through treatment, and it also helps break down barriers. When people are anonymous they are much more likely to be honest about the extent of their drug use, and that helps us to help them. Of course we provide an option where our clients can meet counselors in person for a one on one session, but the entire program can be conducted completely online if the client chooses. Nick Lessa and Maria Gross, two highly trained, highly accomplished addiction rehabilitation specialists, founded Chat2Recovery. They have gained extensive experience in working with people with substance abuse problems at Inter-Care, a highly reputed outpatient rehab facility in NYC.”



Chat 2 Recovery (C2R) is an online, outpatient, substance abuse treatment center treating adults 21 years or older who wish to abstain from or reduce their use of mood-altering chemicals or alcohol.

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