Welcome to Chat2Recovery: Online Substance Abuse Treatment

We are the premier site for treating substance use disorders ONLINE. With more than twenty five years experience in treating alcohol and drug disorders, we have the reputation for providing the highest quality of care possible. Chat2Recovery is tailored to your busy lifestyle with a convenient online method for treatment where traditional in-person sessions can't fit in your calendar.

We welcome all individuals to explore the benefit of online support for their struggles with alcohol and drugs who may not have the time or ability for traditional in-person treatment options.

Individual and Group Support

Chat2Recovery consists of a multidisciplinary team of licensed mental health workers including social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologists.

An Innovative Path for Addiction Recovery: ONLINE

Chat2Recovery is a unique alcohol and substance use treatment program ONLINE for adults age 21 and over. We utilize confidential and private state of the art technology with 24-hour support from your individual therapist and peers.

Confidential and Incredibly Secure

Chat2Recovery uses Cisco’s WebEx, the highly available and secure web conferencing service for its videoconferenced groups and individual sessions.

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