Recovery from Addiction: Before & After recently posted an article that included 10 photos of individuals before and after recovery to share the positive effects of recovery from substances and wow – the results are signfiicant!  What a great way to share what life without substances can be like for individuals!

Thanks to for this great infograph. is a website that assists individuals in finding the right addiction treatment program for them.  The article below is taken directly from their website.

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Addiction is devastating. It takes away health, personal potential, rips apart families, and all too often claims lives. What follows are the images and stories of 10 remarkable individuals who have struggled with deeply entrenched addiction, and yet still made their way to sobriety. They are heroes who were able to get the help they needed to see the way out of the fog of active addiction, where they have been able to reclaim their lives and relationships. Please consider sharing these inspiring transformations and help other addicts and their families see that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE and that REHAB WORKS.

What follows are the stunning transformations of ten remarkable individuals who have successfully fought their addictions and come out the other side.

Click image for larger before and after pictures of individuals in recovery from substances