Technical FAQ

What do I need to participate?

A computer that is less than 3 years old, Apple products, or mobile devices
Online broadband connection (DSL, cable or faster)
Headset for computer or speakers
Webcam (if not built in to computer)
Microphone (if not built in to computer)

What computer program can I use to for video conferencing?

You can use Facetime through your iPad or iPhone
You can use Skype
You can use our video conferencing platform

What time do I need to sign in?

We recommend 15 minutes prior to your session.  This will ensure that all the necessary adjustments to your system are taken care of.

How do I connect to my session?

You will receive a meeting invitation.   You can also join by phone or VoIP – your computer audio system.  We will provide you a toll number.

Is this safe and secure?

Our meeting spaces are delivered through the CISCO Webex cloud, so you can count on superior performance.  Enterprise-grade security and high availability and scalability levels ensure that your meetings and content are secure.

Who do I contact if I can’t connect to my group?

You can reach out to our help desk and helpdesk@chat2recovery.comYou can reach out to 24/7 Cisco Webex live support

Should I be concerned if I’m connected to a corporate/workplace network?

We do not recommend connecting though your corporate network, as your network administrators have access to your computer.

Can anyone see me during my group session?

No, you can only see your counselor and hear others.

Where can I access my sessions?

You have access to your sessions anywhere as long as you have internet connection.