About the Chat2Recovery Program


Chat2Recovery (C2R) is an online, outpatient, substance abuse treatment center treating adults 21 years or older who wish to abstain from or reduce their use of mood-altering chemicals. To our knowledge, it is the first such program in New York State to provide addiction treatment almost exclusively by telecommunications including videoconferencing, e-mailing, and telephoning. Members have accessibility to recovery support wherever they are in the web-connected world, set their own treatment goals, maintain their anonymity to the fullest extent desired, and obtain affordable treatment.

Services Provided

Chat2Recovery is a 6-week, online program typically consisting of:

  • twice-weekly, 90-minute group sessions (using first names only) facilitated by a credentialed and experienced counselor and conveniently scheduled to meet your personalized needs
  • videoconferenced, phone, or face-to-face (depending on your preference), 30-minute sessions with your primary counselor scheduled at the beginning of treatment, the middle of treatment, and prior to the conclusion of your 6-week program to develop and monitor your individualized treatment goals and progress
  • e-mail and phone access to your primary counselor
  • readings and written exercises on substance use disorders, mental health and recovery; and,
  • emergency access to our professional counseling staff.

Extending Treatment

Members are free to extend their treatment programs beyond the initial 6-weeks of treatment to include any of our services such as group or individual sessions.

Abstinence or Moderation Goals

Members get to choose their own treatment goals including abstinence or moderation. (If moderation goals are not succeeding, an abstinence-based program will be proposed.)

Professional Staffing and Treatment

The treatment at C2R incorporates state-of-the-art, evidenced-based treatment practices. Licensed professional staff monitors your care from beginning to end. The professional staff assists, if needed, with placement to higher levels of care such as residential treatment. We hope you will become a member and feel confident that this experience will be a rewarding one for you.