Wellness Self Management Plus


Your Chat2Recovery (C2R) group facilitator will be utilizing the Wellness Self-Management Plus (WSM+) workbook to present you with important topics on recovery. You will be provided with a copy of this workbook upon admission to the program. It is your responsibility to read the assigned lessons and complete the assigned worksheets in a timely fashion.

The WSM+ workbook topics are evidenced- based, research findings which have shown that studying these topics can make a difference in your recovery. The primary goals of the WSM+ program are: learning about mental health and substance use recovery; making the best use of services for substance use, mental health and physical health services; learning how to achieve my goals; decreasing symptoms associated with substance use and mental health problems; learning how to manage daily stress and prevent relapse; staying well by connecting to others; living a healthy lifestyle; and understanding the connection between substance use and mental/physical health.

View the PDF Here.