An Innovative Path for Addiction Recovery: Online

Chat 2 Recovery is a unique alcohol and substance use treatment program ONLINE for adults age 21 and over. We utilize confidential and private state of the art technology with 24-hour support from your individual therapist and peers.


Chat 2 Recovery is an online, outpatient, substance abuse treatment center treating adults who wish to abstain from or reduce their use of mood-altering chemicals.

To our knowledge, it is the first such program in New York State to provide addiction treatment almost exclusively by telecommunications including videoconferencing, e-mailing, and telephoning. Members have accessibility to recovery support wherever they are in the web-connected world, set their own treatment goals, maintain their anonymity to the fullest extent desired, and obtain affordable treatment.

Consequently, each person must be treated in an individualized manner taking into account their unique circumstances. We do not believe that one approach fits all. It is our mission to assist you in determining what will assist you towards leading a more productive lifestyle. On average, the program length is 6 weeks.