Individual and Group Support

Chat 2 Recovery (C2R) consists of a professional team of licensed mental health workers. Upon admission to C2R, you will be assigned a primary counselor who will be responsible for conducting and monitoring your treatment and progress.


The primary modality of treatment in C2R is the videoconferenced, group session. These 90-minute sessions typically meet twice weekly in the early phase of treatment and once weekly in the maintenance phase. The early phase groups consist of 3 segments: a review of the previously assigned reading/exercise, a skill-based lecture led by the group facilitator and a check-in with each of the group participants. Periodic, 30-minute sessions, held by either videoconferencing, e-mail telephone, or face to face, are arranged directly between you and your primary counselor.

These sessions are held in order to monitor your treatment progress, explore obstacles to treatment goals and objectives, revise your treatment plan, assess the need for a higher level of care, determine if other services are recommended (e.g., couples counseling, psychotherapy, etc.) and to arrange for next steps after completion of the treatment.