The Admission Process

The process begins by completing a no-cost, screening form. A professional counselor will then contact you within one business day to discuss your eligibility for the program and answer any general questions that you may have. If there is mutual agreement on continuing towards enrollment, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire used to develop your individualized treatment plan.   You may complete this questionnaire, if you wish, at your own pace and from your own computer, or you may choose to complete the questionnaire when you arrive for your assessment appointment. Our Intake Worker will be happy to e-mail you a copy of the Client Questionnaire to review and complete in your own privacy and return to us using our encrypted software.

An intake appointment will be arranged with one of our professional counseling staff. We recommend that this clinical assessment take place in person to ensure that an accurate assessment is obtained. If this is not possible, our second choice is a videoconferenced intake. The intake session will last for approximately 60 to 90 minutes in order to complete a clinical assessment, explain our program in detail, present intake forms for signature, assign a primary counselor, and answer any of your questions. Before you begin, an information technology (IT) meeting will be scheduled with our IT expert to review your technology equipment and prepare you for videoconferencing groups and individual sessions. This IT meeting usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Computer Equipment Needed

In order to participate, you will need the following:

  • A password-protected computer that is 3 years old or newer, apple products, or a mobile device with access to the internet through a secure network or server. (Mobile devises utilizing wi-fi connections must be equipped with encryption technology.
  • Online broadband connection (DSL, cable or faster)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone – if not built in
  • Headset/headphones or speakers (for privacy protection, we recommend a headset over speakers)

Our information technology specialist will speak to you following your enrollment to answer any computer-related questions and videoconferencing questions. You can reach our IT specialist at

Should technology breakdowns occur, please contact our IT department at Additional help is available 24/7 through webex support at XXXX

Medical Screening

We require all C2R participants to attest to receiving a physical within the past year. Please keep us updated on your physical well-being and inform us of any changes in your physical and/or mental health status so that we integrate this into your treatment planning. C2R is not responsible for your medical condition or any issues that may arise during treatment.

Emergency Hotline

C2R provides its members with an emergency hotline number to call, outside of normal business hours (9 AM – 5 PM), in the event of needing immediate assistance associated with urges to use substances. This number is provided to you at the time of enrollment. During normal business hours, first try contacting your primary counselor or the general number >>>>.

Emergency Procedures

If needing immediate medical or psychiatric care, call 911.

During regular business hours (9 AM – 5 PM), please contact your primary counselor directly or call C2R at 855-436-6781. If after normal business hours, call the hotline number provided to you at admission. During an emergency, we reserve the right to call the contact person(s) that you provided to us at enrollment. We also reserve the right, in an emergency, to contact available resources in your geographical location to assist you.

Consent for Emergency Contact

All participants of C2R are required to provide us with the name and contact information of, at least, one other person (family member, friend, psychotherapist, primary care physician, etc.) to contact in the event of an emergency. We will only contact that person in the event that we believe your safety is in danger. It is important for us to know where you reside so, in the event of an emergency, we can send you medical assistance. C2R will also be responsible to research local resources within your geographical area as emergency backup services.


The full cost of a 6-week program is $899 which includes the initial assessment evaluation of $250.00. At the time of initial enrollment, you are required to pay $250.00 for the assessment evaluation. Full payment is due prior to commencing treatment. C2R accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. No personal checks are accepted. Unfortunately, C2R does not accept health insurance payment at this time. We can provide you invoices for paid services to submit to your health insurance provider for out-of- network reimbursement.

Members can choose to extend their program beyond the 6-weeks of treatment at a reduced cost for services. Please speak with your counselor if you are interested in extending your treatment. To answer any additional, financial questions, please contact

The following is a breakdown of pricing by specific services:

Initial Assessment: $250
Group Session: $75
Individual Session (30 Minutes): $50

6 Week Program Package: $899
(Includes 6 weeks of twice per week group sessions, and three, 30-minute, individual sessions.)

Termination of treatment may be made by telephone, email, or in writing. Forty eight hours notification is required to terminate your treatment. For termination with 48 hours notification, we will deduct standard fee rates from the amount paid. No refunds will be issued beyond the halfway point (21 days) of enrollment in the program. There are no make-up sessions available for missed group sessions.

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