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Private, Affordable, Addiction Treatment Online & Recovery Therapy.
Learn about Chat2Recovery addiction programs online for alcohol, substance abuse, chemical dependency, and drug treatment.
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6 Week program

Chat2Recovery offers a 6 week addiction treatment and online recovery program.

Chat2Recovery includes private videoconference sessions with your primary counselor who will develop and monitor your individual treatment goals.

We also offer twice a week 90 minute group sessions (using first or anonymous names) led by our credentialed substance abuse treatment counselors.

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full anonymity

There are many paths to recovery, and the road can be frightening. Chat2Recovery is completely private, flexible, and protected. We use secure video chat technology to connect you to our program anywhere you have an internet connection.

With Chat2Recovery's treatment program each individual gets personalized care and counseling from a dedicated licensed addiction counselor, all done anonymously online.

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FULL Accessibility

When you're in the Chat2Recovery online program you'll have unrestricted access to a nationally certified addiction, drug, and chemical dependency professional. Our goal is to assist clients in creating a positive change in their life. Our video chat technology ensures our staff attends to our clients individual needs from the comfort of their computer.

You will be assigned a counselor, who will work with you exclusively throughout the healing process. Chat2Recovery addiction treatment online is tailored specifically for your recovery needs.

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Affordable Costs

Get professional, dedicated, and affordable substance abuse treatment without paying huge medical bills.

Chat 2 Recovery is an online substance abuse treatment and recovery plan treating you without the overhead of traditional rehabs, so you get healthier for cheaper.

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Work At Your Own Pace

Chat 2 Recovery's online substance abuse treatment programs fit your treatment around your schedule.

Our flexible and individualized programs are perfect for busy people living full lives.

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Are you having trouble finding quality outpatient care close to home? We offer a state of the art addiction treatment online and recovery counseling program you can access from anywhere with complete privacy.